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Ageing well in Bridgend

20 Oct, 2022

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  • Local and national support organisations

    Organisation Contact number Website
    Age Cymru 08000 223 444 Age Cymru
    Ageing Well in Wales 02920 445030 Ageing Well in Wales
    Alzheimers Society 0300 222 1122 Alzheimers Society
    Age connects morgannwg 01443 490650 Age connects morgannwg
    Older people’s commisioner for Wales 08442 640670 Older people's commisioner for Wales
    Welsh Local Government Association 029 2046 8600 Welsh Local Government Association
    Bridgend County Care and Repair 01656 646755 Bridgend County Care and Repair
    Bridges into Work 2 01656 815317
    Communities First Bridgend 01656 642605 Communities First Bridgend
    Careers Wales 0800 028 4844 Careers Wales
    Adult Community Learning 01656 642729
    BAVO 01656 810400 BAVO
    Local Community Coordinators 07815 579082 Local Community Coordinators